You will recall when you purchased your property your first impressions played a major part in your desire to either have a second inspection or in fact buy the property.

In many cases buyers will make a decision based on the initial feel of the property they inspect.

Often it’s the “little things” that really count.  Listed below are some simple ideas on how to present your property.  These suggestions come as a result of comments we have received from the buyers over the years.

  • If you are selling a house or villa, try to maintain the front yard and garden area with special attention to path edges and keep gardens free of weeds.
  • If you are selling a home unit try to have the balcony uncluttered.
  • All of us enjoy eating, however sometimes our favourite food may leave their mark on our property longer than it should. Fresh flowers or pot-pouri will often give a welcoming aroma and overcome cooking smells.
  • Painting your entire property before selling may not be the answer to obtaining a better price.  Sometimes a few little well located touch-ups can make all the difference.
  • Too much to do and not enough time to do it!  Yet the benefit gained by keeping the kitchen sink tidy and the beds made will be noticeable when showing your property.
  • All buyers are not pet lovers so it’s often a good idea to have your pets outside when your buyers are inside.

Cleaning the family pool may not be your idea of fun but a buyer sees a dirty or badly kept pool as a hazard rather than the benefit it should be.

When all this is considered remember the first impression a buyer gets can often be the one that confirms their decision to buy.