Mandurah is a part of the Peel District and offers a large variety of lifestyles and activities.


Mandurah is situated approximately 75 Kilometers from the Perth CBD and is serviced by the extended Kwinana Freeway and the current rail system making access to Pert only about one hour by either mode during low traffic periods.


The area has a diverse selection of living options from the luxury Oceanfront Mansion, Marina Townhouse or comfortable Canal home to the everyday family home that comprises the majority of residences. These again vary depending on the specific area favoured by the particular person or suited to their financial capability.


There are three very popular golf clubs strategically located with several others within a short drive. Being on the coast and having the Peel and Harvey inlets flowing into the Indian Ocean through the middle of the town caters for many different forms of water sports such as sailing with a world class marina controlled by both the “Mandurah Offshore Fishing and Sailing Club” and the “City of Mandurah. Other activities are Crabbing and Fishing, Skiing, Scuba Diving. There are many sporting facilities maintained in very good condition by the city where a variety of activities for all ages are available.


Mandurah boasts a modern Performing Arts Centre that would be the best facility of this type outside of Perth. It is very busy with a variety of international and national acts along with the local organisations. There is also a large Sailing Museum established by the late Rolly Tasker who is recognised throughout the world.


The district is well catered for with a large number of Pre Primary, Primary and High Schools. There are three private colleges and a well-equipped and diverse Tafe College.


There are several large shopping centers well located within the area and many smaller community based centers that are open extended hours. There are a number of large department stores and preferences for vehicles and furniture, and household items are in abundance. On the industrial side there is no need to leave town.

All in all is there a better place to live?