Kevin Green Real Estate was founded in 1969 and the company has continued to provide a service of excellence since that time.

Today, Kevin Green Real Estate is a household name in Mandurah, providing a comprehensive service in all facets of Real Estate.

PROUD to be SERVICING MANDURAH and surrounding area FOR OVER 50 YEARS !

All activities of the firm are guided by a professional management team which includes two Licensed Real Estate Agents.

Our high profile location on the corner of Mandurah Terrace and the Smart Street Mall means our office window is “your window of opportunity”.

It provides the very best exposure for property.

To sell real estate it needs to be seen by the public. There are many ways in which to do this, newspaper and internet advertising, signage on the property, brochures etc but where do most people look for real estate?  In the real estate office window.

We provide the BEST WINDOW EXPOSURE for property,  as well as all of the modern services available to help sell property.

All of our sales and administration staff have a wealth of experience in their chosen fields, all being high achievers and just as important, we are focused on what the selling and buying public want – the service, reliability and experience that delivers results.

Tailored programs are available to suit each individuals needs from the humble one bedroom unit to waterfront mansions, whether they be sold by normal listing means or by auctions.

The Company manages some 570 Rental properties, both Residential and Commercial.

Our motto is and has always been: