Geoff Hitchcock

Property Consultant

A little about me

My career in sales commenced in 2002 when I moved into selling real estate in Mandurah and I am to this day still in a business which I enjoy. Being part of a community is important to me and I have not only worked in real estate in Mandurah for 13 years but have lived in Mandurah for 17 years since returning to live in Mandurah after spending 22 years working in the United Kingdom.

I am a person who enjoys meeting people and working for people to achieve a realistic and accurate price for their beloved possession and have had many happy customers over the years and continue to do so.

I have built up a lot of knowledge over the years and continue to add to this knowledge and am always looking forward to selling more properties in the Mandurah Region which I love and like seeing grow and prosper.


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