Guide to Renting

PAYMENT OF RENT: Important - please refer to “Payment Details” notice in this pack.

RENT: Please use the “Pay Way” card provided to make rental payments. Should the Pay Way card not be returned at the end of tenancy the tenant must reimburse the owner $20.00 for a replacement card. The Pay Way card belongs to the property and not the tenant therefore, it must be returned to the office with the keys.

Our office policy and in accordance with the Residential Tenancy Act, states that if a tenant’s rent falls into arrears by (3) days a Termination Notice will be sent giving the tenant a total of nine days to have their arrears paid.  If the rent is still not paid by the required date Court action will commence to terminate the lease. 

Please Note: When paying at the post office with your Pay Way card or by internet bank transfer please take into account that it can take 2 to 3 workings days for payment to reach the office.

CHEQUES:  Unfortunately we only accept bank cheques or money orders.  No personal cheques can be accepted.

WATER CONSUMPTION:  Water consumption accounts remain in the name of the owner and are sent directly to our office. These will be paid up front by the owner’s funds and an invoice will then be sent to you for reimburse to the owner.  Reimbursement payment is required within 14 days.  If the invoice is not paid by the due date a breach notice will be issued.

WATER CONSUMPTION INVOICES: Payments can be made using the following methods:


  1. Directly into our Rental Trust Account below:

    Account Name:  Kevin Green Real Estate     
    BSB:   036-157       
    Account Number:  541344

    Please ensure that you use your “Tenant Reference” on your transaction so we can correctly identify your payment.  “Tenant Reference” can be found on the top right of your invoice and also on the remittance advice section.

  2. Pay by "Pay Way" payment card - at any Post Office or by B-Pay method. (Make a separate payment, do not combine with rent).

INSPECTIONS: Your first inspection will be conducted after approximately 6 weeks and thereafter every 3 months.  We will send a letter giving no less than 7 days advice of the inspection date.  It is not necessary for the tenant to be present for our regular inspections. If you are not going to be at home we will use the office key to gain entry. You can be assured of total security.

MAINTENANCE:  Maintenance requests must be in writing using the Pink Maintenance Request Forms provided for your convenience. Please include all details of item including make/model if applicable.  In most cases the approved contractor will make contact with you to arrange a suitable time to carry out the repairs/alterations.  Repairs and maintenance are to be reported immediately and not left until a Routine Inspection or the Final Bond Inspection. Your signature on the lease is taken as acknowledgement that you understand and agree to this condition

Please Note: All maintenance must be approved by a Property Manager otherwise the tenant may be liable for payment of any account relating to work contracted by them.  If a contractor is called to a property and the problem is found to be neglect by the tenant, or there is no fault found or the fault is caused by the tenant, the cost of the repair will be incurred by the tenant. The tenant is also responsible for after hour’s charges for non-essential repairs.

In the case of any Emergency Maintenance please telephone our office on 95813399 and speak to your Property Manager.  If this is after hours, our after hours service will direct your call to our Emergency Maintenance Property Manager.

ALTERATIONS/IMPROVEMENTS TO PROPERTY: Tenants MUST NOT carry out improvements or alterations to the property without the prior written permission of the Property Manager. All requests must be submitted in writing with a clear signature of all tenants on the current lease.  Owner approval must be sort before any improvements commence.

VACATING THE PROPERTY: When handing back the keys to the agent on vacating the

tenant is handing over the property to the agent and the tenancy has ceased.  The tenant must be completely finished with the property at this time. 

The tenant may not be allowed to return to the property.  The tenant may be responsible for any costs incurred for any further cleaning, gardening, maintenance work etc that the agent needs to organise to have the property back to a comparable state to the Property Condition Report.

PROPERTY MANAGER’S HOURS OF WORK:  The Property Manager is available Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5.00pm. It is advisable to make an appointment if you wish to speak with her personally as she is regularly out of the office or in appointments.

Telephone (08)95340000.

TENANT TELEPHONE/EMAIL DETAILS: Please provide this office with your new telephone numbers or email address so we can update our records.

ELECTRICITY/GAS/TELEPHONE:  It is the tenant’s responsibility to contact and arrange connection/disconnection of services into their own name.

Synergy 131353   Alinta Gas 131358   Telstra 132200   Kleenheat Gas 132180

RETICULATION: (mains and bore) - Retic systems must be run for a brief period on a weekly basis to preserve solenoid, pump and sprinkler condition.



Last digit of your lot or house number Scheme & bore water users your 2 watering days (before 9am and after 6pm) Bore owners additional day
1 Wednesday & Saturday Monday
2 Thursday & Sunday Tuesday
3 Friday & Monday Wednesday
4 Saturday & Tuesday Thursday
5 Sunday & Wednesday Friday
6 Monday & Thursday Saturday
7 Tuesday& Friday Sunday
8 Wednesday & Saturday Monday
9 Thursday & Sunday Tuesday
0 Friday & Monday Wednesday